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Below is a comprehensive list of articles on various topics including transportation safety, regulatory policy and workforce productivity.

Three things that could kill pilotless planes (Oct 2019 – BBC)

Voters care about the planet but not enough to pay (Sep 2019 – Financial Times)

Democrats promise action on climate change. Here’s what stands in the way (Aug 2019 – Washington Post)

The winners and losers of a minimum wage hike (Jul 2019 – The Spectator)

Turning autonomous cars into profit won't be easy (Jul 2019 - Globe and Mail)

Green technology will not save us (Jun 2019 – Financial Times)

Gaming the sharing economy (May 2019 – Financial Times)

Driverless cars: researchers have made a wrong turn (May 2019 – Nature)

Robotaxi revolution has one significant flaw: Cost (May 2019 – Automotive News)

Uber issues its IPO this week: tomorrow its drivers are threatening to strike (May 2019: Washington Post)

Mandating all airplane safety features? Be careful what you wish for (Mar 2019 – Globe and Mail)

Boeing should charge for safety (Mar 2019 – Financial Times)

Canada needs aircraft certification standards that don't simply acquiesce to the U.S. (Mar 2019 – CBC)

The Ironies of Automation (Mar 2019 – Financial Times)

Is the Boeing 737 Max safe? That depends on how you define safety (Mar 2019 – Globe and Mail)

Driverless Cars and the Poor (Mar 2019 – The Guardian)

Countries are piling on to ban Boeing’s new plane from their airspace (Mar 2019 – Washington Post)

Driverless cars? Don’t hold your breath (Mar 2019 – USA Today)

The cost of self-driving cars will be the biggest barrier to their adoption (Feb 2019 – Harvard Business Review)

Ottawa comes close on drones – but misses its mark (Jan 2019 – Globe and Mail)

In 2019, we should beware the robo-interviewer (Jan 2019 – Globe and Mail)

Driverless taxis run on expensive people power (Dec 2018 – Financial Times)

Here’s what you need to know about the French fuel protests (Dec 2018 – Washington Post)

GM thinks layoffs will boost its bottom line. The reality is more complicated (Dec 2018 – Washington Post)

Robotaxis are coming. So why are we unprepared? (Nov 2018 – Wired)

Ottawa must diverge from its wrong path to air safety (Oct 2018 – Globe and Mail)

Would lowering fuel economy standards boost car sales? (Sep 2018 – Scientific American)

Self-driving cars are on the road to nowhere (Jul 2018 – Foreign Policy)

Ride-hailing encourage distracted driving. Why aren’t we pumping the brakes? (June 2018 – Globe and Mail)

The US and UAE resolved an air dispute. Or did they? (May 2018 – Washington Post)

WestJet's labour dispute is about expanding union influence, not protecting existing jobs (May 2018 – CBC)

After the Southwest Airlines incident, will Congress change air safety rules? (Apr 2018 – Washington Post)

Driverless cars are not ready for the road (Apr 2018 – The Independent)

Why I won’t ride a robo-taxi (Mar 2018 – Globe and Mail)

The problem isn’t job-stealing robots. It’s us (Mar 2018 – Globe and Mail)

Driverless doesn’t mean ‘humanless’ (Feb 2018 – Toronto Star)

Bombardier just bested Boeing in a trade dispute: Here’s what you need to know (Jan 2018 – Washington Post)

Why flying isn’t as safe as we are told (Jan 2018 – Globe and Mail)

America’s Skies Need Fixing (Jan 2018 – Forbes)

Germany wants to scrap the 8-hour workday: Here’s what you need to know (Nov 2017 – Washington Post)

Canadian consumers are paying the price for Ottawa's aerospace subsidies (Oct 2017 – CBC)

Why are Boeing and the U.S. in a trade war with Canada and the U.K.? (Oct 2017 - Washington Post)

Delta's Support of Bombardier Exposes Its Hypocrisy (Oct 2017 – Forbes)

The Hidden Cost of Controller Fatigue (Sep 2017 – Air Traffic Management)

Trump, Trade, and the Open Skies (Sep 2017 – Foreign Affairs)

The Crumbling Case against Gulf Subsidies (Aug 2017 – Forbes)

Canada’s new air safety changes great for pilots: But what about passengers? (Jul 2017 – Globe and Mail)

Whatever Happened To Evidence-Based Policy Making? (Jul 2017 – Forbes)

Trump's Air Traffic Privatization Scheme Could Trigger Tech Improvements (Jun 2017 – Scientific American)

The biggest Trump-era trade dispute may be over airlines. Here’s what’s happening (Jun 2017 – Washington Post)

How employment laws affect your airfare (Jun 2017 – Forbes)

Is Trump’s Plan to Privatize Air Traffic Control a Good Idea? (Jun 2017 - The Atlantic)

Trump wants to privatize air traffic control: here’s what that means (Jun 2017 – Washington Post)

US Airlines Should Stop Complaining and Start Competing (May 2017 - Forbes)

WestJet – ‘LessJet’ – crams more people on flights: It’s what Canadians want (Apr 2017 – Globe and Mail)

Is your pilot drunk? Unions are making it hard to know for sure (Apr 2017 – Financial Post)

The Solution to United’s Misfortunes Is Not What You’ve Been Told (Apr 2017 - Forbes)

Unions Are Hurting Public Safety (Apr 2017 – Forbes)

A Path to Legal Status but Not Citizenship (Mar 2017 – National Review)

Regulations Should Help Americans: This One Doesn’t (Mar 2017 – Forbes)

Why you should be skeptical about pilot fatigue claims (Mar 2017 – Forbes)

The No. 1 victim of the travel ban? America’s schools (Feb 2017 - The Hill)

Pot. Kettle. Black: The US and Norwegian Air (Jan 2017 - Forbes)

The safety case for privatization isn’t a slam dunk (Jan 2017 – Aviation Week)

Blame unions for our drunk pilot problem (Jan 2017 – Globe and Mail)

What Trump will mean for Air Travel (Dec 2016 – Scientific American)

Government airline subsidies . . . So what? (Nov 2016 – Forbes)

Burning planes, carry-on obsessed passengers and fines (Nov 2016 – Aviation Week)

This technology could reshape the aviation industry (Nov 2016 – New Statesman)

Elon Musk says perfect driverless safety is impossible. He’s Right (Sep 2016 – Orlando Sentinel)

Air Traffic Control without Towers (Sep 2016 – Scientific American)

Canada’s cockpit intoxication laws require a course correction (Aug 2016 – Globe and Mail)

Europe’s approach to drone regulation requires a rethink (Aug 2016 – Politico Europe)

If to err is human, should technology help us shed some humanity? (Jul 2016 – NPR)

America’s air traffic control problem is not what you think (Jun 2016 – The Hill)

Safety is a hard sell: Here’s why (Apr 2016 – Aviation Week)

Blame science for snoozing on the flight deck (Mar 2016 – Aviation Week)

In defense of cost-effective safety (Mar 2016 – Aviation Week)

Fantastic tech is making pilot fatigue even more perplexing (Mar 2016 – Wired)

Here’s why budget airlines aren’t less safe (Mar 2016 – Baltimore Sun)

The economics of staying alert (Feb 2016 – Aviation Week)

What about America’s Legal Migrants? (Nov 2015 – The Hill)

Tackling America’s perceived air traffic controller shortage (Nov 2015 - Aviation Week)

Improving safety means changing technological design (Oct 2015 – Christian Science Monitor)

Rethinking safety in the age of technology (Oct 2015 – Aviation Week)

The $93,000 Question (Aug 2015 – The Hill)

Be careful what you wish for (Jul 2015 – Aviation Week)

The Fatigue Conundrum (May 2015 – American Scientist)

The rule of two (or three): right sentiment, inadequate response (Apr 2015 – Aviation Week)

Customer experience is the next competitive battleground (Mar 2015 – Aviation Week)

Addressing workforce shortages mean less talk and more technology (Feb 2015 – Aviation Week)

Why less legroom may mean less safe (Jan 2015 – Aviation Week)

Flying into the unknown with remote towers (Dec 2014 – Aviation Week)

The time to strike is upon us but it won’t last long (Nov 2014 – Aviation Week)

Putting public safety ahead of three-day weekends takes courage (Oct 2014 - Aviation Week)

How our love of cheap airfares may be hurting the aviation industry (Sep 2014 - Aviation Week)

Keeping time (Jan 2014 – Air Traffic Management)

Why addressing pilot fatigue is a messy affair (Dec 2013 – Aviation Week)